Thursday, March 22, 2012

American Idol (Season 11) - Top 10 Result

Tonight is result show on American Idol. Ryan is going announce on who is going into Top 9. One out of ten is going home tonight. Haley Reinhart and Lana Del Ray is going to perform tonight.

Top 10: For the Longest Time (Billy Joel)

Ford Music Video: You Find Me

Ryan called Hollie, Skylar and Elise to center stage.

Jimmy's Commentary
Jimmy said that Hollie and Skylar weren't the best performance of the night. He worried that Skylar is backward instead forward in her performance. He was definitely impressed with Elise's performance last night.


Lana Del Ray sang "Video Games" from Born to Die.

Ryan called DeAndre, Joshua, and Jessica to center stage

Jimmy's Commentary
Jimmy didn't like that DeAndre was jumping around the stage as he perform. Jimmy said that Joshua over sang the bridge of the song. Jimmy liked Jessica's performance.

Side Note: Billy Joel loved Jessica's rendition of "Everybody Has a Dream.


DeAndre is the Bottom Three for the first time.

Haley Reinhart sang "Free" from her upcoming album "Listen Up".

Ryan called Erica, Heejun, Colton, and Phillip on the stage.

Jimmy's Commentary
Jimmy got emailed from Billy Joel about Colton's performance. Billy Joel loved Colton performance. Jimmy loved Erika dramatic transformation of her style. Jimmy agreed Steven that he was pissed off with Heejun's performance. They want him to take this competition seriously instead goofy off.


Erica and Heejun are in the bottom three. This is third time that Erica is in the bottom 3 again. This is first time that Heejun is in the bottom three.

Bottom 3:

DeAndre and Heejun are safe.

Going Home: Erika Van Pelt

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