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American Idol (Season 11) - Top 11: The Year They Were Born

Last week, we said goodbye to Jeremy Rosado from the competition. First there was twelve contestants left in the running for the American Idol Title. Now... there is eleven contestants left with the recent departure of Jermaine Jones. Jermaine was disqualified from the competition with outstanding warrants for his arrest.

Stevie Wonder & Whitney Houston Songbook Song Recap Rewind-3/6/12
Joshua Ledet- I Wish
Elise Testone- I'm Your Baby Tonight
Jermaine Jones-Knocks Me Off My Feet
Erika Van Pelt- I Believe in You and Me
Colton Dixon-Lately
Shannon Magrane-I Have Nothing
DeAndre Brackensick-Master Blaster (Jammin)
Skylar Laine-Where Do Broken Hearts Go
Heejun Han-All in Love is Fair
Hollie Cavanagh-All the Man That I Need
Jeremy Rosado-Ribbon in the Sky
Jessica Sanchez-I Will Always Love You
Philip Phillips-Supersition

This week music theme is the year they were born. This week musical mentor is from the Black Eyed Peas.

Phillip Phillips-Hard to Handle (The Black Crowes)(1990)
Text: 5701
Judges Verdict:
Randy said you are fish out of water and you sound amazing. Jennifer loved his perform. Steven want Phillip to watch his medley. Steven want Phillip up with his song choice.

Jessica "Swagnut" Sanchez (1995)-Turn the Beat Around (Gloria Estefan)
Text: 5702
Judges Verdict:
Will.i.Am dubbed Jessica Sanchez a swagnut. Jimmy and Will.i.Am was impressed that Jessica was prepared. Steven said loved her voice but her song choice was a little shady. Jennifer said that it wasn't her performance of Jessica. Randy didn't like her song choice.

Heejan Hun - Right Here Waiting (Richard Marx)(1989)
Text: 5703
Judge Verdict:
Randy called Heejan's performance is breathy, pitchy, and horrible. He want Heejan to sing Rhythm and Blues songs. Jennifer said he felt Steven called his performance is breathy.

Elise Testone-Let's Stay Together (Al Green, Tina Turner) (1983)
Text: 5704
Judge Verdict: 
Will.i.Am loved the raspyness in Elise's voice. Steven loved her voice. Jennifer said the song came from her heart. Randy said welcome back Elise to America

DeAndre Brackenick(1994)-Endless Love (Lionel Richie)
Text: 5705
Judge Verdict: Jimmy and Will.i.Am changed his song choice. Jennifer said that DeAndre can sing anything and sang it beautiful. Steven said that it wasn't the right song choice. Randy called his performance boring and too safe.

Shannon Magrane - One Sweet Day (Mariah Carey & Boyz II Men) (1995)
Text: 5706
Judge Verdict: 
Jennifer said that song wasn't easy undertaken. She called Shannon's performance beautiful.  Steven said that she sang her best without even trying. Randy mentioned Mariah Carey and Boyz II Men. Randy called her performance fearless.

Colton Dixon -Broken Heart (White Lion) (1991)
Text: 5707
Judge Verdict:
Jennifer didn't know that song. Jennifer called him a lover and people relate to the song. Steven didn't loved Colton's song choice because didn't fit Colton's voice and passion. Randy said that the song didn't matter in Colton's performance because he never hear the song before.(Side Note: Broken Heart come from Fight to Survive Album)

Erica Van Pelt - Heaven (Bryan Adams)(1985)
Text: 5708
Judge Verdict:
Steven want her to stay with medley. Jennifer didn't like Erika's arrangement of the song. Randy liked her performance.

The video of Jermaine Jones in American Idol Office with Nigel and Ken. They said that he lied them with outstanding warrants and the false alias. They said to him that he should came to them with the problem instead of hiding it. They said they have no choice but disqualified him from the competition.

Skylar Laine-Love Sneakin Up on You(Bonnie Raitt) (1994)
Text: 5709
Judge Verdict: 
Jimmy and Will.i.Am want to change Sklyar's song choice Gin Blossom, Collio, Sheryl Crow, Faith Hill and more. Steven loved why Skylar sings including the country. Jennifer said that she killed it. Randy called her in-house country and rock gal. Randy said she rocked her performance.

Joshua Ledet-When a Man Love a Woman (Michael Bolton) (1992)
Text: 5710
Judge Verdict: 
Randy said the Joshua blew out of the box and phenomenal performance. Jennifer called Joshua's performance the best thing on American Idol and crazy. Steven said you it up so big that god came in your eyes. Steven called his performance beautiful that he ever seen.(Side Note: All three judges gave standing ovation to Joshua.)

Hollie Cavanagh-Power of Love (Celine Dion)(1993)
Text: 5711
Judge Verdict:
Jennifer called her performance is beautiful. Steven called Hollie's performance beautiful. He want her to watch her pitch. He said that Hollie's voice comes from heaven above.  Randy said that she had swager and she blew it out of the box.

On the Side Note:

Favorite performance: Philip Phillips, Elise Testone, Colton Dixon, Skylar Laine, Joshua Ledet, and Hollie Cavanagh

Least favorite performance:Jessica Sanchez and Heejan Han

50/50 Club: DeAndre Brackenick and Shannon Magrane

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