Tuesday, September 27, 2011

Dancing with The Stars 13 (Week 2) -The Results

Today is result show on Dancing with the Stars and the second week of competition comes to the close. Tom and Brooke is going announced that one dance couple is going home tonight

First Set: David & Kym and Carson & Anna

Safe: Carson & Anna
In Jeopardy: David & Kym

Encore Performance: Ricki & Derek (Jive)

The Script sang For the First Time.

Second Set: Kristin & Mark, JR & Karina and Ricki & Derek
Ricki & Derek
Kristin & Mark
JR & Karina

Third Set: Rob & Cheryl, Nancy & Tristin, and Chaz & Lacey

Safe: Rob & Cheryl, and Tristin
In Jeopardy: Chaz & Lacey

Demi Lovato sang "Skyscraper" from Unbroken.

Fourth set: Cynna & Tony, Elisabetta & Val, and Hope & Maks
Safe: Cynna & Tony, and Hope & Maks

In Jeopardy:
David & Kym
Chaz & Lacey
Elisabetta & Val

Chaz & Lacey and David & Kym are safe.

Going Home: Elisabetta & Val

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