Tuesday, September 20, 2011

Dancing with the Stars Results- Week 1

Today is result night on Dancing with the Stars. Tom and Brooke is going announced that one dance couple is going home tonight. 

First Set: Rob & Cheryl, Elisabetta & Val, and Ricki & Derek

Ricki & Derek
Elisabetta & Val

In Jeopardy:
Rob & Cheryl

Second set: Hope & Maks, Kristin & Mark, and Ron (Metta) & Peta

Hope & Maks
Kristin & Mark

In Jeopardy:
Ron (Metta)& Peta

Tom and Brooke introduced the new dance troupe to Dancing with the Stars.

Third Set: JR & Karina, Chynna & Tony, and Chaz & Lacey

Chynna & Tony
JR & Karina
Chaz & Lacey

Fourth Set: Nancy & Tristan, David & Kym, and Carson & Anna

David & Kym
Carson & Anna

In Jeopardy:
Nancy & Tristan

Going Home: Ron (Metta) & Peta

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