Wednesday, September 21, 2011

Twitter Feedback: The X Factor

Hi My Zombie Readers,

The X Factor is premiering tonight on FOX. Here is twitter feedback on the X Factor.

 Marine Larnaudie 
I'm really excited to see  on my screens tonight for CHEZZA will illuminate our TV 

 Sydney Grullon 
Look at Simon's face. lmfao 

TERELL CARTER GET AT ME even though nobody can sing Ribbon in the Sky like  

 Laura Harding 
At the risk of sounding deeply, deeply shallow, the hottest man ever is auditioning on  right now. I feel slightly faint.

omgosh it's mili vanilli and b scott's baby 

 Rachael McCarthy ϟ 
LMAOOO. Cheryl's reactions are priceless  WHAT'S HE DOING? AHHAHAHAHAHAAAAAA. Whorra mug.

I love this host a lot more than Ryan Seacrest. It might be the accent, but Seacrest got annoying. 

 Robert Anton 
Siameze Floyd rocks my socks! LOL. I'm glad he went thru cause he has a good voice and look. but he need to be committed.  insane

 Malcolm Wilson 
I'm loving  so far

 ^V^ FOXyFierce ^V^ 
Lotta Cheryl Cole stans pissed off cuz she was let go evidently.

 Ðαяяyℓ ε. vαυgнη 
I'm loving . No age limit, groups, and Simon Cowell. Doesn't get better than this.!

 Chelsea Browning 
Wow!!!  and Simon just showed their true hearts. It's so wonderful to have people like that in this world.  

 Ðαяяyℓ ε. vαυgнη 
Simon is actually nice on this show.! Is L.A. Reid the mean one this season.? 

 Viktohreeah Effeeohm 
I have a feeling that  will be a lot better than its British counterpart.

 Dianne Joyce 
Stacy Francis is my favorite contestant so far. So genuine and talented. 

They should sign Ms. Brooklyn right now! 

Wooooo I love Nicole Scherzinger XD 

 J. Placeres 
This brings a whole new meaning to "Pants On The Ground" 

 Kari Filipi 
Uh yeah this Marcus guy is my favorite of the night. 

 Carol Flores 
OMG the host is a hottie  what he's name?

wow I cannot believe they didn't arrest that guy for public lewdness on XFactor. 

 what ever Lola wants 
 glad Verizon is the official service for the 

 Rachel Adler 
The ratings are going to be INSANE 

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