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American Idol (Season 11) - Top 7 (Part Redux)

Last week on American Idol, The judges gave their only save to Jessica Sanchez. Steven said it in the beginning of the show that they are going to use the save to Ryan Seacrest. Jennifer said "This is crazy" and "Yes, We are using the safe". Randy lectured the American Viewer for not voting for Jessica Sanchez. This week is going be a jugging act because two singers are going home tomorrow night. No one is safe this week.

(Side Note: Since Randy yelled at the America viewers last week, I think is going to backfire in Randy's face this week. What Randy did on  stage last week was unacceptable, it not help Jessica Sanchez cause of the win the American Idol title. It just hurt her chance of win the competition. He don't need to ram Jessica Sanchez our throats and plus he threw Joshua, Sklyar, Hollie, Elise, Colton, and Philip under bus. Randy showed that they are not good in this competition.)

Special Appearence: Kris Allen

This week musical theme is the song from Now & Then. Everyone will be singing two songs night. 

Song Rewind (Songs for 2010s)-4/11/12
Skylar Laine-Didn't You Know How Much I Loved You(Kellie Pickler)
Colton Dixon-Love the Way You Lie (Eminem feat. Rihanna)

Duet: Philip & Elise-Somebody That I Used to Know(Gotye feat. Kimbra)

Jessica Sanchez-Stuttering (Jazmine Sullivan)
Joshua Ledet-Runaway Baby (Bruno Mars)

Duet: Colton & Skylar-Don't You Wanna Stay (Jason Aldean feat. Kelly Clarkson)

Hollie Cavanagh-Perfect (Pink)
Philip Philips-Give a Little More (Maroon 5)

Duet: Hollie, Joshua & Jessica- Stronger (What Doesn't Kill You)(Kelly Clarkson)

Elise Testone-You and I (Lady Gaga)

The following songs:

Hollie Cavanagh-Rolling in the Deep (Adele)
Text: 5701
Judges Verdict: Steven said that you came out of your shell. He called her performance beautiful. Jennifer was happy with Hollie's performance. She felt every word in the song. She said that Hollie let loose. Randy called her performance not perfect and some part were pitchy.  He noticed Hollie's emotion in the song and well done in the performance. (Side Note: Jimmy called her robotic in her past performances. Jimmy questioned her on why she is nervous in their mentor season. She admitted to Jimmy that she is nervous while she performance. Jimmy want pretend that no one is in the room. )

Colton Dixon-Bad Romance (Lady Gaga)
Text: 5702
Judges Verdict: Randy said Colton Dixon is in the zone. He said it wasn't your greatest performance. Jennifer like some part love of the song and some parts that she didn't like. Steven loved it. Steven liked that Colton take chance and risk. (Side Note: Jimmy advised Colton to watch the tempo and rhythm of the song, work on the arrangement with the band carefully.)

Elise Testone-No One (Alicia Keys)
Text: 5703
Judges Verdict: Jennifer said that you got natural talent. She want Elise let go in her performance. Steven said that you come live and it was beautiful. Steven said that Elise sang her ass off. Randy want Elise to stay with melody.

Philip Philips- You Gotta Bad (Usher)
Text: 5704
Judges verdict: Steven said that no chump love from Philip. Steven said that you fool us down the line with your performances. Jennifer said that was so sexy. She said that he can sing any song. Randy loved it. He called Philip a true artist including he is original and be himself. He called a mark him of a true artist. 

Jessica Sanchez-Falling (Alica Keys)
Text: 5705
Judge Verdict: Steven loved the passion in Jessica' voice. He said that you should be mad. I hope America vote for you. Jennifer said that the performance was effortlessly. Randy said that you blow it out of the box.

Skylar Laine-Born This Way (Lady Gaga)
Text: 5706
Judge Verdict: Jennifer said oh my god I loved that version of that song. You are fighter and amazing. Steven said I'm glad you born this way. I enjoyed your performance. Randy you are country-rock and you are ready.

Joshua-I Believe (Fantasia Barrino)
Text: 5707
Judge Verdict: Randy said that I loved that song. You are gifted singer of the season. I loved your voice as well. Jennifer said that you leave your emotion on the stage. You amazing to watch and blessed. Steven said that you can sing a phone book. (Side Note: Steven took page from Randy's Playbook. Randy said same statement to Awesome Adam Lambert in season eight.)

Then Songs (Soul Train Theme)(Round 2):

Hollie Cavanagh-Son of Preacher Man (Dusty Springfield)
Text: 5701
Judge Verdict: Randy said that was crazy and you work it out. Jennifer said you showed compos  Steven said you have a vehicle and but you need to drive all the way. (Side Note: Hollie got a video message from Liverpool Football Club in the screen.)

Colton Dixon-September (Earth, Wind & Fire)
Text: 5702
Judge Verdict: Steven and Jennifer loved his song choice but they want more. Randy said that not his best performance. He want him to sing John Wayne and you will have different result.(Side Note: They are throw Colton under the bus again two times in the row tonight.)

Elise Testone-Let's Get It On(Marvin Gaye)
Text: 5703
Judge Verdict:Jennifer said that you sound so good. Jennifer called Elise out that you don't like show emotion and that why you are in the bottom three a couple of time and so heart and soul they is no question. You were emotional when you were talking about your dog being sick. I want that kind of emotion when you did Led Zepplin that few week ago. Steven said that you some broke some heart tonight. Randy said that you need emotion in the song and don't over thinking your performance. 

Philip Phillips- In the Midnight Hour (Wilson Pickett)
Text: 5404
Judge Verdict: Randy said that Philip is in the house. He said that you take your time in the song and loved it. Jennifer said that you feel it and from the soul. Steven said it was brilliant awkward but loved your character.

Jessica Sanchez-Try a Little Tenderness (Ray Noble Orchestra)
Text: 5705
Judges Verdict: Steven said you are winning people heart. Jennifer said that she heard a little bit of BeBe Chez in that performance. Randy said you respond with that song with emotion. (Side Note: She was screaming the whole song and it wasn't singing. She took a page from Skylar's Playbook.)

Skylar Laine-I Heard It Through the Grapevine (Smoky Robinson & the Miracles)
Text: 5706
Judge Verdict: Randy said that you have no problem because you and Philip connect to the song. He said that it was like being at a country-rocking party. Jennifer said that the audience relate to you. You were amazing. Steven said that you are wild horse and you don't want be tamed.

Joshua Ledat- A Change Is Gonna Come (Sam Cooke)
Text: 5707
Judge Verdict: Steven said that you made the song pop. Randy said that perfect Joshua. He said that you took your time on the song.(Side Note: They gave standing ovation to Joshua's rendition of Sam Cooke's A Change Gonna Come.)

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