Thursday, April 19, 2012

American Idol (Season 7) - Top 7 Redux Results

American Idol Shocker Part 2!! Nigel Lythgoe went on twitter said it going be shocker tonight on Idol. Ryan is going to announce on who is going to advance into top six. Kris Allen and LMFAO are going to perform night.

Special Appearance: Season Five Winner Taylor Hicks

Top 7 Group Performance: Dancing in the Street-Martha & The Vandellas

Ford Music Video: Stars

Ryan called Joshua and Hollie to center stage.

Jimmy's Commentary on Last Night Performance:
Jimmy said that Joshua is in the sweet spot with his performance. Joshua is going make it big with the right song, right producer, and right album. Jimmy was impressed that Hollie was less nervous  pearcher man  Jimmy warned that Hollie is not getting out of the bottom three.want to stay consist

safe: Joshua

Hollie is in the bottom three again.

Kris Allen sang The Vision of Love from his upcoming album "Thank You Camellia". Thank You Camellia comes out on May 20, 2012.

Ryan called Skylar and Elise to center stage.

Jimmy's Commentary on Last Night Performance:
Jimmy said Elise was flat last night with her performance. He said that she is going to be on summer vacation in the bottom three or  she is going home. He want her to find Led Zepplin-type song and sing it good to stay in the competition. Jimmy called Skylar the little engine that could. She is getting better and better as she performance.

Safe: Skylar

Elise is the bottom three again.

After the commercial break, there was video memorial tribute to Ryan's mentor Dick Clark. Ryan said that Dick Clark will be greatly miss but his legacy will live long.

LMFAO sang Sorry for Party Rocking from their album Sorry For Party Rocking.

Ryan called Colton, Philip, and Jessica to center stage.

Jimmy's Commentary on Last Night Performance:
Jimmy said that Philip did great on Usher's song. He  He was disappointed with this Colton's song choice and his performance. Jimmy want Colton to stay for another week. Jimmy said that Jessica did good last night. He admitted that Jessica are sing songs who are old for her age. Jimmy is going to work on Jessica's song choice. He want her to sing age appropriate song.

Safe: Jessica and Philips

Colton is is the bottom three for the first time.

The bottom three: Hollie, Colton, and Elise

Ryan announced that Elise was safe. The bottom two are Colton and Hollie. After the commerical break, Ryan announced that Hollie is safe and one is leaving us tonight is Colton Dixon. (Side Note: When the judge heard the announcement about Colton leaving, They have egg on their face because they realized that they waste the save on Jessica Sanchez insisted saving Colton.)

Going Home: Colton Dixon

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