Wednesday, April 11, 2012

American Idol (Season 11)- Song of 2010s

Last week we goodbye to DeAndre Brackensick on Thursday April 5, 2012. The judges didn't use the save DeAndre Brackensick. This music theme is song from the 1980s. This week musical mentor is Akon.

Song Rewind (1980s)-4/4/12
DeAndre Brackensick-I Like It (DeBarge)
Elise Testone-I Want to Know What Love Is (Foreigner)

Duet: Colton & Skylar- Island in the Stream (Kenny Rogers & Dolly Parton)

Philip Phillips-That's All (Genesis)

Duet: DeAndre & Hollie- I'm So Excited (The Pointer Sisters)

Joshua Ledet-If You Don't Know Me by Now (Harold Melvin & The Blue Notes)
Jessica Sanchez-How Will I Know (Whitney Houston)

Duet: Philip & Elise- Stop Draggin' My Heart Around (Stevie Nicks & Tom Petty)

Hollie Cavanagh-Flashdance...What a Feeling (Irene Cara)

Duet: Jessica & Joshua- I Knew You Were Waiting (for Me)(Aretha Franklin & George Michael)

Colton Dixon-Time After Time (Cyndi Lauper)
Skylar Laine-Wind Beneath My Wing (Roger Whittaker)

The following songs:

Skylar Laine-Didn't You Know How Much I Loved You (Kellie Pickler)
Text: 5701
Judges Verdict: Randy said crazy hot and crazy good. Jennifer said that the song was in perfect pitch. It was perfect way to start the show. Steven loved the you sang. (Side Note: This is first performance in weeks that Skylar bring out the guitar.)

Colton Dixon-Love the Way You Lie (Eminem)
Text 5702
Judges Verdict: Jennifer was surprise in the approach of the song. Steven loved Colton's jacket. He called Colton raw talent and can't wait for him to be on his own. released Randy loved subtle performance. (Side Note: Jimmy change Colton song choice to Love the Way You Lie. Wow!! Colton!!!)

Elise and Philip-Somebody That I Used To Know
Judges Verdict: Steven said that they nailed it and they should sang more together. Jennifer said that she loved chemistry. Randy said that was great song but want Philip to sing more. 

Jessica Sanchez-Stuttering (Jazmine Sullivan)
Text: 5703
Judges Verdict: Randy said that loved the arrange of the song. He said that the performance was superb and amazing job. Jennifer said that the song is beautiful. She loved that Jessica dig in the middle of the song. She want her to sing Joshua-type songs. Steven said that performance was beautiful. (Side Note: Akon said that Jessica is going be legend one day.)

Joshua Ledat-Runaway Baby (Bruno Mars)
Text: 5704
Judges Verdict: Steven said that you can sing a song like a work of art. Jennifer said that he has a lot control in the song. Randy said that was unbelievable performance and in the zone. (Side Note: He got a birthday message from Fantasia. Joshua got an standing ovation from the judges.)

Colton & Skylar-Don't Wanna You Stay (Jason Aldean & Kelly Clarkson)
Judge Verdict: Steven was a beautiful duet. Jennifer was the harmony was beautiful. Randy said that was ok performance and was pitchy. Randy liked the individual performance instead this duet.

Hollie Cavanagh-Perfect (Pink)
Text: 5705
Judges Verdict: Jessica said that you sang beautiful I'm rooting for you. Steven said wasn't perfect tonight. Randy said wasn't perfect.

Philip Philips-Give a Little More (Maroon 5)
Text: 5705
Judges Verdict: Steven compare Phillip to Steven McQueen and Johnny Cash. Jennifer said that he is their offspring of Steven and Johnny. Randy said it wasn't the greatest performance and he want more from Philip.

Hollie, Joshua, and Jessica- What Doesn't Kill You (Stronger) (Kelly Clarkson)
Judges Verdict: Jennifer said that makes me proud. Steven said that it was beautiful. Randy said that dope and nice. Randy said that Joshua out shined Hollie and Jessica in the performance.

Elise Testone-You and I (Lady GaGa)
Text: 5707
Judges Verdict: Randy said that Elise is back. He said that this girl is talented. Jennifer said that she loved her performance. 

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