Thursday, April 12, 2012

American Idol (Season 11)-Top 7 Results

American Idol Shocker!!!! Tonight is result night on American Idol. Ryan is going announced on who is going to advance in Top 6 or it going be Top 7 repeat week. Steven, Jennifer and Randy maybe the judges save or not. Jennifer Hudson and James Durbin is going performance tonight.

Tweet from Ryan Seacrest about the result shocker:
"there is a result tonight on  that some would say is very shocking!"

Special Appearence: Jane Lynch

Top 7 Group Performance: Raise Your Glass-Pink

Ford Music Video: Great Escape (Boys Likes Girls)

Ryan called Hollie and Jessica to center stage.

Jimmy's Commentary on last night performances:
Jimmy said that Jessica and Hollie are very technical singers. He said that Hollie's performance is very calculated. He said that Jessica listen to soul singers and her performance is effortless. 

Right side of the stage: Hollie
Left side of the stage: Jessica

James Durbin sang Higher than Heaven.

Ryan called Philip and Elise to center stage.

Jimmy's Commentary on last night performances:
Jimmy said that Philip and Elise are two sing-songwriter in the competition. Philip is influenced by Dave Matthews. Dave Matthews don't sing a Maroon 5 song for his performance. Elise put herself in Lady Gaga-You and I and did it right. He said that Elise didn't  do enough get out of bottom 3 for this week. (Side Note: Jimmy want Philip to sing Dave Matthews type songs)

Right side of the stage: Philip
Left side of the stage: Elise

Jennifer Hudson feat. Ne-Yo and Rick Ross sang Think Like a Man.

Ryan called Joshua, Colton, and Skylar to center stage.

Jimmy's Commentary on last night performances.
Jimmy called Joshua a natural performer. He said that Joshua is flawless. He said that he is supporting Colton and Joshua.

Right side on the stage: Colton
Left side on the stage: Joshua

Ryan sat by Skylar on the sofa.

Jimmy' commentary on Skylar's performance from last night.
Jimmy said that Skylar sings like a pro. He said her performance is flawless.


Ryan want Skylar to pick which group she bring with on stage. She want back on the sofa. Ryan dragged Skylar and put her with Colton, Hollie, and Philip on stage. Ryan announced that Colton, Hollie, and Philip are safe.

Ryan also announced that Joshua, Elise, and Jessica is in the bottom three. This is first time that Joshua and Jessica is in the bottom three for the first time.

Bottom 3:

Ryan announced that Joshua is safe. Elise and Jessica are in the bottom two. Ryan announced that Elise and Jessica is going home. Jessica was singing her song and Jennifer was on stage with her. Jennifer said that they are using the save. Randy and Steven came on stage, too. Randy gave a lecture to America that they need to vote for their favorite.

Going Home/Judge's Save: Jessica Sanchez

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