Wednesday, August 1, 2012

Tweet News: August 1, 2012

Good Morning, Cyber Zombies:

The Tweet News Headlines for August 1, 2012.

AirTrain to JFK shut down due "unknown liquid'.

@Huffington Post
Obama ordered new sanction against Iran.
Will blood-powered computers in 2030.

@NBC New York
Throwback to U.S gold medal swim winner Matt Grevers' proposal to new girlfriend back in February.

@Wall Street Journal
China defends Ye Shiwen after reporter ask how she can suddenly swim so much faster.

@New York Post
Mitt Romney aide an "ass****" act after foul staffer turn Polish visit ugly.

@ABC News
Another needle found in airline sandwich, This time on Air Canada Flight.

@OK! Magazine USA
Ryan Seacrest opens up about newest Idol judge, Mariah Carey.

U.S. manufacturing sector contracts for second straight month in July, according to survey of purchasing managers.

@Good Morning America
US Women's Gymnastics wins first team gold for the first time in twelve years.

How much are Olympics medals actual worth.

Russia Putin says NATO should stay in Afghanistan.

@Enterianment Tonight
Robert Pattinson is found at Resse Witherspoon' house.

UK Government censors copyrights consultation submission about how awful collection societies are.

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