Sunday, August 26, 2012

Twitter Feedback: I am not a Democrat because

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People are tweeting "I am not a Democrat because" on twitter. Here is twitter feedback on I am not a Democrat because.

 I know that Obama didn't just screw up, and he's not an idiot...THIS is his plan, and THAT scares me. 

If you want to see how scary and conservative the US can be, check out .

 nobody owes me & nobody owns me.

 not everyone can be on Welfare

I believe in equal justice, not social justice

 I don't see how turning America into a nanny-state is "progress"

 I don't hate America, it's people or lambast it as the source of all problems in the universe.

 I believe the Constitution is the greatest document ever written.

 I don't believe any person, man or woman, has a RIGHT to kill unborn humans. 

 "I support Capitalism...not Socialism.

 I like paling around with ignorant asshats like Beck, Palin, Bachman....

 more government means less prosperity.

 I believe in peace through superior firepower  

 gas was cheaper under Republicans. $1.78 when Bush left. Now it is $3.75.Why does O hate middle class? 

 I haven't seen proof that they are any better than republicans,both are crooks.except Clinton that man is a saint!

 I know you have a right to be offended.

 People who have worked hard & become wealthy shouldnt have their money taxed away to support those who dont work

-_- Oh. RT  I believe in God, Life, Guns and Liberty

 I believe freedom is supreme.

 I know this nation was founded by God and extraordinary men. I am committed to preserve it for my children. 

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