Monday, August 27, 2012

Twitter Feedback: I am not a Republican Because

Good Morning, Cyber Zombies,

People are tweeting "I am not a Republican because" on twitter. Here is twitter feedback on I am not a Republican because.

 I have a brain in my head and a heart in my chest.

 I don't straight up hate and resent women, POC, gays, poors, trans people, Muslims or anyone else society shits on

 I just can't hate someone because of their sexual orientation, color, faith etc

I can't even read these  tweets. Ignorant people.

 I think the world's richest country can afford to provide healthcare to all its citizens.

 I'm not tricked into focusing on my pseudo-moral indignation over social issues to the detriment of all else.

 I believe it's OK to help the poor, elderly and sick, instead of hoping I get to shoot them with my assault rifle.

 I have a uterus and any woman who votes Republican is voting to take away her own rights & those of her daughter's

 I Don't Feel Sorry for Billionaires Having to Pay Taxes When There's Millions Living Paycheck to Paycheck. 

 Because the Constitution starts with We the People...not me myself or I.

 I am not easily fooled by rich corporations who want cheap laborers just so they can get even wealthier.

 I'm more concerned with Romneys taxes than all of Obama's sealed records, who cares if he was born in Kenya, 

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