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Synopsis Feedback: Castle (Season 5, Episodes 10)

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Tonight Show Information:

Significant Others
When Alexis is taken ill, Castle must live in close quarter with his ex-wife simultaneously investigating the death of a high-powered divorce attorney with a reputation for representing jilted women.

Here is the Synopsis Feedback.

Will Meredith Cause Problems On 'Castle'?  

Kate look is always funny im a kill you look  and love lanie lol

 how will kate ,caste and alexis all staying withcastle. Why is alexis is not leaving with her mom

TELL HER LANEY. SET HER STRAIGHT. Actually it's not great advice but I like seeing her fired up. 


Man Lanie is FIRED up about the  Meredith thing & wants Beckett to go to war lol

PS: Lanie is totally telling the truth ... its not abt cheating and/or trust ... its abt boundaries & respect. 

It's been 5 weeks of hell... But tonight, my babies are back on my TV! 

They cut the scene where I do a 3 minute soliloquy naked in Castles Kitchen, but they left in a fun one..coming up  

Omg Kate said "us" so amazing!! Wish they'd talk it out more instead of her just being annoyed at him!!  

I should be getting ready for bed, but I started watching Castle. Sleep is gonna have to wait.

Somebody was just referred to as a jackhole on Castle.

Jealous kate mad kate Is so funny to watch  I got to see how castle get out of this one

Beckett wears the pants in the relationship. Lol 

'Button up, Kitten. We're going home.' Beckett, you are THE BEST

Lanie had the best suggestion.. Beckett is gonna have to send the ex a definitive message  

OMG Mer and Kate talk time! Underwear around the house? Awk Mer 

I love it when he's all flustered. And when they fight like an old married couple. Ugh. Stop being perfect, you two. 

": I think Beckett's reaction to going a hotel was ridiculous... I thought  had the perfect solution" agreed

Our Soap Diva in Prime Time doing an AWESOME JOB on  

Only the prospect of working with  on , could convince me to wear a pink sweater twin set on national television

Hey now Jack Wagner...very good to see you getting work...& you're playing a golfer...and you are a golfer in real life, nice touch 

Seeing Alexis Davis & Frisco Jones in an episode of  is just plain awesome. 

For a secret relationship, Castle and Beckett not so secret in the work place.... The fact Gates doesn't know shocks me. 

RYAN AND ESPO ARE BADASSESSSS. Don't no one mess with them.

Spent the whole ep trying to figure out why I should know the name "Billy Piper" so when I tell you I'm tired, you know I MEAN IT 

"Do you want me here because you actually want me here or do you want me here because you need protection from the redheads?"

And now Kate is gonna wanna know ALL about Rick. 

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