Friday, January 18, 2013

Synopsis Feedback: Nikita (Season 3, Episode 7)

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Welcome to Division!!!

Tonight Show Information:

Birkhoff tells Nikita that Sonya is Amanda's mole and not only has Amanda reactivated Sonya's Kill Chip, but she also placed a second mole in division to keep an eye on her. Nikita, Michael, and Ryan devise a plan to use Sonya to ferret out Amanda's hiding place and Birkhoff sets a trap for the second mole. Meanwhile, Michael confront Alex about her drug use and she begs him not to tell Nikita.

Here is Synopsis Feedback.

Seriously guys, you are amazing!! Congrats on the trend!! is the best fandom ever :) <33 nbsp="nbsp" strong="strong" watch="watch">Nikita

omg Sonya is being brave in this episode!!! so i feel like she's gonna die... :( 

Oh, *Sonya.* Goddamn,  has some of the best female characters on television.

"I'm not getting killed to save my life." - Sonya 

Michael is attempting to keep Alex on track and safe! I'm hoping thatNikita doesn't find out about her drug abuse.

Nikita, Alex, Michael and Birkhoff together PLEASE :3

Amanda is brutal! She's attempting to break them apart by putting Michael and Alex in the open. Nikita is just trying to protect them all!

Well Amanda may know some of Micheal's real secret from his fake fight with 

This episode is giving me chills.. or I'm just really cold... Yeah I'm freezing. 

I could eat popcorn for days. Its been a while since I've seen 

Wow why would u live tweet ur own show. Seriously Nikitaseriously.

I can hear all the Michael/Alex shippers screaming right about now.

ALEX AND MICHAEL JUST KISSED I'm in shipper heaven right now omg 

Thank God 's back! I've had  withdraws since December! I love  and .

He's got a couple of shots of you proposing to me in Tribecca. After 10 showers I thought It could be a nice keepsake. 

 is basically Angel, minus the part where Angel really could be a leaping douche sometimes. Watch this show, y'all.

yea Sonya's death in Birkhoff's dream was def foreshadowing.

He's the most interesting villain we've encountered in Nikita after Amanda and Percy. He's sneaky and intelligent!!!

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