Sunday, January 13, 2013

Tweet News: January 13, 2013

Good Evening, Cyber Zombies,

The Tweet News Headlines for January 13, 2013.

@The Washington Post
Miss New York wins Miss America pageant.

@USA Today
Why WIndows 8 remains vulnerable to new attacks.

@Huffington Post
How to tell if you have the flu.
Verizon has a plan to punish Internet severely for copyright infringement.

@Anonymous News
Anger after Internet Genius Swartz's death.

Adam Lambert and 19 Recording part ways.

Adam Lambert exploring Third Studio Album Ideas.

Obama has called it quits in Afghanistan--while redefining why we ever went.

@The Associated Press
AP Video: Inauguration organizers hold practice parade in D.C to prepare for Obama's swearing-in next week.

ALERT: U.N. Security Council to meet Monday regarding conflict in Mali.

@The Advocate
Thousands protest against Marriage Equality in France.

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