Monday, December 17, 2012

Synopsis Feedback: Gossip Girl Series Finale (Season 6, Episode 10)

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Tonight Show Information:

New York, New York, XOXO

Serena decides to come back to New York and confront Dan about the "Serena Chapter". Chuck proposes to Blair. Georgina join forces with Jack Bass in one last scheme. Jenny, Eric and Juliet will all return.
Here is synopsis feedback on Gossip Girl.

": Crying that gossip girl is over. This show is my life. " you need to reevaluate your life

My mom is screaming in the living room because she's finally going to found out who's gossip girl, lmfao no mom

Last episode of Gossip Girl. End of a six year tradition of watching every Monday with  :(

Gossip Girl series finale is making studying for compsci kinda hard right now... So bittersweet

OMG the very last episode of Gossip Girl is on now!!!! 😢😢😢😢😢 I'm really going to miss Blair and Chuck!! I love them 😍


I'm already getting upset about gossip girl being over.

Is anyone else watching the Gossip Girl series finale.. did you guys see Taylor Momsen's name in credits? Jenny's going to be in the finale.

If Dan is Gossip Girl, that would mean Georgina, Serena, Blair and Vanessa all slept with Gossip Girl. And... 

i just started watching the gossip girl series this weekend starting with the first season and i am obsessed

Alright Gossip Girl! Don't disappoint me tonight! Give me Blair/Chuck and Dan/Serena before you leave my screen forever!

I wanna catch up on gossip girl. I feel like I'm a whole season behind 😔 but I will forever love Chuck and Blair together

I am about three years behind on GG. Are you guys seriously about to find out who Gossip Girl is?! :O

This is possibly the worst thing that has ever happened on this show  

shani update: 10 minutes into gossip girl and im already not breathing its the last episode of my favorite show im sobbing someone hold me

"Oh at least we can just do the same thing we did last time he died." is the most Gossip Girl/OC line ever

To celebrate the six episodes of the show I've ever seen, I'm watching the finale of Gossip Girl.

Gossip Girl seems like a good show, too bad today is the series finally and that the series itself would take forever to watch

i'm too sad that gossip girl is ending so i can't watch it tonight bc i will cry & won't be able to handle it

I'm so not a girl. I've never watched Gossip Girl in my life. I didn't even know what it was about until 2 seconds ago.

Apparently Gossip Girl is a mute???  

Gossip Girl started back when I was in OLQM, and now that I'm in college GG is ending, this is depressing.

In a recent twist, gossip girl turns out to be A from pretty little liars so all you girls can shut up about both shows now

And of allllll people, Dan knows who Gossip Girl is? He would. People from Brooklyn ain't dumb.

Didn't realize that the guy who produced The OC also producedGossip Girl

Y'all. Gossip Girl is Jenny. It has to be! That's what I've thought for like EVER!

gossip girl is dumb they will never reveal her like how Ricky doesnt reveal his swagg coach

OMG. gossip girl is being revealed tonight?! so much for watching the entire series, ill skip to the end.  

After seeing how obsessed everyone is with gossip girl I have decided to watch the whole entire series over December break 

I've never watched one episode of Gossip girl in my life and I'm perfectly fine..

To everyone who tweeted about what happened in gossip girltonight: screw you

Gossip Girl fans, I salute you. I don't know what it's like to be invested in that mess, but holy crap, you've survived something tonight.

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