Wednesday, December 26, 2012

Twitter Feedback: In 2013 No More

Hi my cyber zombies,

"In 2013 no more" is a worldwide trending topics on twitter. People are tweeting what they want to change in 2013.

In 2013 no more: web censorship, no more fiscal cliff.

Here is twitter feedback on "In 2013 No More".

 Saying "Swag" & "YOLO"

 Giving people second Chances. Blow it once, shame on you.

 Shootings please that would be great

 wasting my time on the wrong people

 Harry Potter related stuff? LOL filthy muggles... Hogwarts will always welcome us home.

 falling for people must concentrate on school

 bringing up the past, regrets.. Just moving forward

 staying low and being scared if I want something I'm going to go after it real talk

 tweeting them "since last year" tweets in the first hours of January

 Bullying. Suicides. Seriously, just please let it stop! Innocent people shouldn't end their life because of bullying!"

 no more running from the devil, but boldly confronting his evil ways!!

 whiney pop singers, school shootings, mental illness, ridiculous politics, overpriced sandwiches, friendzoning, darts, or yolo

 Slacking " Wait didn't I say that for 2012, I guess it didn't work out.

 gangnam style, reenactments of gangnam style, or even the words pls & ty

 makin new years resolutions... Actions speak louder than words

 excuses. Run.

"  idiots trying to predict the "end of the world"

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