Monday, October 15, 2012

Synopsis Feedback: Castle (Season 5, Episode

Welcome to New York City/ Hampton!!!

Tonight show information:

Murder, He Wrote
Castle and Beckett plan a romantic weekend away, but their trip turns sour when a dying man stumbles into swimming pool.

Here is Synopsis Feedback.

Ryan blows things out of proportion lol 

LOL Ryan and Esposito fishing for details about Kate's boyfriend is way too funny.    

Ooh  just won some major points using Eddie Vedder!

I hope Beckett and  don't run into the Greysons 

 : a room full of detectives and no one has a clue! HA!

Rick "You forgot your suit?" Kate "I know!" Sqeeeeee 

Oh my a murder in the middle of their skinny dipping 

Nothing ruins a romantic date like a dead body in your swimming pool. 

Beckett is not a prostitute! LOL 


Aw, Javie and Kevin trying to investigate Kate's love life. I love those boys. 

Murder, He Wrote 

"So we're Brangelina now?" "No, no, we're…Rickate. Wait. We're Kate…ick." "Hm." "Caskett. Oh, that's good 'cause of the whole murder thing!"

omg who goes on vacation and gets arrested? hahahaha e

 just got arrested. That's fabulous.

Castle pulling the justice card! Nice move! 

I love Kate Beckett taking over the case. So very badass... But only bc Castle wants to get justice.  

I wonder when Castle & Beckett will get caught on their secret romance... 

Excuse me but these people are supposed to be on VACATION why are they trying to solve a murder for goodness sake? 

 no abc  is NOT the hashtag for today.

Boy, you have some interesting friends, .

These people know he’s a crime writer. Why do they act shocked when he asks these types of questions?! Duh!! 

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