Friday, October 5, 2012

Tweet News: October 5, 2012

Good Afternoon, Cyber Zombies,

The Tweet News Headlines for October 5, 2012.

@Huffington Post
IPO lawsuits against Facebook move forward.
Planning to move to Canada after election? This airline wants to take you there for free.
Kid discuss the debate and whether a woman will be president.

@Yahoo! Music
Two Ol' Dirty Bastard Biopics Underway, RZA says.

@Reuters Top News
Turkish Military return fire after mortar bomb from Syria land in farmland in Turkey's Hatay Province - State News Agency.

@Eyewitness News (New York)
Court makes ruling for patient in 'right to die' case.

Got questions for a Rubber Room teacher?

@RT America
Is Mitt Romney being set up as the new Ronald Reagan?

 @Los Angeles Times
Obama, Romney campaigns skirmish over today's job report.

@NPR News
Record high prices at the gas pump likely to linger in California.

@Good Morning Afternoon
Blogger defends her lampooning of parents oversharing.

@Wall Street Journal
President Barack Obama is embracing a new ally on the campaign trail: Big Bird.

Deficit tops $1 trillion for 4th straight year.

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