Thursday, October 25, 2012

Twitter Feedback: Hurricane Sandy AKA Frankenstorm

Hi my cyber zombies,

Hurricane Sandy is coming along the east coast on Sunday October 28, 2012 to Tuesday October 30, 2012. The National Hurricane Service called Hurricane Sandy AKA Frankenstorm. Frankenstorm is part Hurricane and part winter storm. Here is twitter feedback on Frankenstorm.

I would really appreciate it if  didn't land on our set this weekend. 

Frankenstorm is getting so much attention already, that Kim Kardashian just started dating it.  

Now let's not blow things out of proportion. They're only calling it bc it's so close to Halloween. Right?

After passing Florida, Sandy expected to mix with winter storm to become one big, nasty "." 

Dear  please don't knock out the power next week ... but u could wipe out all the political phone banks n 

As Sandy aka  churns north schools on FL's east coast are closing tomorrow.

? Is that the thing now?

 with you on that one larry! Heading to LA in the am and want back to NYC in one piece by Monday! 

 is my new favorite word

weather men and their names for storms are clever! happy halloween i guess 

Somebody please be  for Halloween

 is suppose to go down in HISTORY for being a catastrophic storm. I pray that everybody will be ok, including us here in ohio.

NYTimes: Early Worries That Hurricane Sandy Could Be a ‘Perfect Storm’     

It figures I'm being Sandy for Halloween. Grease > hurricane.

Hurricane Sandy, Winter Storm Hybrid Threatens NY, Delaware, Maine With Bad Weather  via 

 will  effect London??

So this hybrid hurricane winter storm that's brewing is being called? I see what they did there...

 2012. Get ready.

No, not ready to give up summer in October for a 

   For now. due to hit between Sunday and Tuesday sometime. Trying to stay dry

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