Monday, October 8, 2012

Synopsis Feedback: Castle (Season 5, Episode 3)

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Welcome to New York City!!!

Tonight Show Information:

Secret's Safe with Me
Castle and Beckett look into the auction of a storage unit, which may be tied to a woman's murder, and soon they find themselves mingling with both treasure hunters and socialites.

Here is Synopsis Feedback:

Oh, yeah, besides being  's birthday, it's Monday! Watch 2-nite! Do it legally so it counts & we can stay on the air.

If Alexis is in college in NYC while living there would she be able to get housing? I thought dorms went to people in need .

OLD SKOOL! Grammatical correction over the body! NICE! 

Awww Beckett went to get  another cup of coffee

Hey, guys. Cheesesteak restaurants are totally things that exist. 


I love when Castle and Beckett finish each others' sentences. #Caskett

Roflolol at Gates! She has a heart afterall. ... For a doll. XP 

Beckett wants to talk to Alexis ...  "No, so she'll eat you alive". For some reason I think thats hilarious

The bracelet is in the doll 

So d woman correctin Beckett was like an inside joke about all the hundred times Stana had 2 correct people when they say her name?

Oh God, this is the part about Alexis finding out that I really…did not want to watch. Or pretend existed. 

"Take your hand off your tool, Marco!" Haha I like that Ryan and Esposito snickered along with me. 

Yes, , I appreciate your Frozen Heat references. 

Ooooh, I think I figured out the bracelet mystery........ 

Solving murders is like foreplay for  and Beckett. PS: Been waiting for that moment for 4 yrs.

RT : Beckett totally got the funniest line of the night. // that was awesome. Loved ryan.

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