Sunday, October 7, 2012

Tweet News: October 7, 2012

Good Evening, Cyber Zombies,

The Tweet News Headlines for October 7, 2012.

@NY Financial News
German finance minister keeps pressure on Greece ahead of chancellor.

@Huffington Post
America's Richest Cities
iPhone 5 gets thumb-ups.
NASA announces one-year mission to deep space.

The iconic Hollywood sign is getting face-lift.

@The Telegraph
Vladimir Putin's 60th Birthday honored with stunt homage by female youth activist.

@BBC World (News)
Libyan PM forced to stand down.

@Eyewitness News (New York)
Report: Some security lapses at Newark Airport.

Whitney Houston's mom may be withholding her granddaughter's inheritance to make sure she doesn't go off the deep end.

'Hipsters' now ruining Rockaways surfing for everyone.

@Yahoo! News
What convicted sex offender Jerry Sandusky can expect in prison-- sentence comes Tuesday.

@Tweet Smarter
Apple IOS6 deletes 2 AM & 2 PM in early daylight saving time glitch.

@Los Angeles Times
Can Gov. Brown help at the gas pump? He's trying.

Adam Lambert Performs 'Trespassing'.

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