Monday, November 12, 2012

Synopsis Feedback: Castle (Season 5, Episodes 7)

Hi my Cyber Zombies,

Welcome to New York City!!!

Tonight Show Information:

Swan Song
Secret lovers Beckett and Castle need to keep their goggly eyes and stolen kisses to a minimum when a nonfiction-film crew goes behind the scenes at the precinct to watch them catch a rock star's killer.

Here is Synopsis Feedback:

 the one in the castle is brilliant , we got stuck upside down

Actually makes Monday's bearable!  

Laying in the bed sick, think  is just what the doctor ordered  

Castle can win me over with his ridiculously charming looks! 

Beckett is wearing some sensible shoes for once. Gasp! 

» Okay, I'm not okay with this episode of . Kind of... mehh. And only 8 min in. The mock-umentary style.... STUPID!

"I'm sorry, can I even say son of a -" 

 has a weird vibe tonight! This episode sofar is really strange the way it is being filmed

 my JOE:)  Didn't he GROW up FINE???:):):) in the sky memories (lol) Sweet dreams y'all xxxooo's TY!

Love the faces the cast of castle are showing the cameras, some annoyed with the crew others are finding it hard to not play it up!!

I think it be less weird if there was like the things you see in the camera on screen or see a camera person a couple times 

Esposito's gun show does nothing for me. I'd take Ryan over him every time .

“That’s a gift from me to you. You’re welcome, America.” 

Esposito is the best thing about this episode. And it's a really good episode. 

Tonight's  ep may have a hackneyed premise but the writing/characters are hilarious. great job with 2 amazing eps in a row!

'Swan Song' oh man. Someone really went over the top in the camp-it-up department. O_O   

RT: : Build an amplifier that goes to 12  hee! {Mockumentary ref within fake documentary ep? GENIUS, I SAY!]

Today's Castle episode is about the horrors of Ithaca, NY. I appreciate it but have to wonder...good or bad omen for Friday night?

"With a few days to kill"  is pulling out his best material for the cameras!

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