Thursday, November 8, 2012

Synopsis Feedback: Scandal (Season 2, Episode

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This is first synopsis feedback for Scandal. Last week episode, Olivia fight for the right of a murdered teenage, a fight that pit her against the White House. Meanwhile, the relationship between Abby and David deepens, and he gets a closer to fighting out the Quinn Perkins mystre

Tonight's Show Information:

A governor seek revenge after his wife is raped, and then he wants Olivia to do damage control.

Here is Synopsis Feedback:

 is on tonight and I have no where to watch it. My dorms tv room is being used. :-( any links, twit fam??? Pretty please??!!? Thanks

 to anyone that still needs to watch the last episode ofScandal again because they still have questions.

"Please don't shout felony in this room." Or any room, for that matter. 

Give him his job back 

This chick is thirsty. Don't do it Huck! 

So this is a show about an extortionist who employs a bunch of ex-cons and a serial killer. Got it. 

I think she was having an affair with the contractor 

Uh! The PR lady went off script. Big NO NO 

"do not ever speak the word defiance in my presence again!" 

Let me tell you something, DON'T EVER TRY TO READ A QUEEN!! Cyrus read Millie for filth! Queen's created the read! 

 teaches us that...some are willing to live with private pain to protect their public persona.

Olivia don't like chocolate sir. Have a seat. 

Something is still not right with this story l

"You may be a animal but I am a monster, and I am much more terrifying." - Cyrus My new go-to lines in life. 

 teaches's easier to live with integrity...than cover up your .

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