Thursday, November 22, 2012

Tweet News: November 22, 2012

Good Afternoon, Cyber Zombies,

The Tweet News Headlines for November 22, 2012.

Today isn't real until your favorite corporation wishes "Happy Thanksgiving".

@New York Post
Ben Roethlisberger's wife gives birth to "Little Ben".

@The Associated Press
UPDATE: Egypt's President Morsi issues constitutional amendments granting far-reaching powers.

@ABC7 Eyewitness News (Los Angeles)
Man arrested after stabbing customer at Wendy's Highland ranted about being poisoned before attack.

@Huffington Post
Need some gift suggestions for #BlackFriday?
How to get cash for #BlackFriday?
Kate Middleton shares her personal travel photos.

ICYMI: 5 Classic Videos to remind you why deep frying a turkey is a dumb idea.

@Reuters Top News
Massive pileup shuts down Texas Interstate.

@Drudge Report
PA College Slashes Instructors hours to avoid Obamacare.

@Hollywood Soup
Superstorm moves film from theoretical to concrete.

@ABC News Radio
Ring them bells- Not!!! Salvation Army Noise Complaint.

@Los Angeles Times
LAPD to deploy helicopters and horses on Black Friday.

@BBC News (World)
EU warns against allowing the United Nations agency to take control of the internet. (Grace's Side Note: I agreed with European Union that the United Nation shouldn't take control of the Internet.)

@YAHOO! Music
Lawsuit against Madonna dismissed in Russia.

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