Monday, November 12, 2012

Tweet News: November 12, 2012

Good Morning, Cyber Zombies!!!

The Tweet News Headlines for November 12, 2012.

@NY1 News
Commute options expand as Con Ed wrap up bulk of restorations.

Racist attacks on the rise in Greece.

@New York Post
City wants to raise price of school lunches, parking meter rates to shrink the budget gap.

City workers Sandy fund set.

@ABC News
Store-branded gift cards have lowest fees, survey finds.

@Huffington Post
What cause the explosion Indianapolis?

@NBC News
Flu, fever linked with autism in pregnancy study.

@Hollywood Reporter
U.K press complaints group head pushes for self-regulation after hacking scandal.

@Reuters Top News
Palestinian aide discounts Israeli sanctions threat.

@New York Times
Japan likely to announce plan to join free trade pact.
Israel reports "direct hit" on targets in Syria.

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