Monday, November 19, 2012

Synopsis Feedback: Castle (Season 5, Episode 8)

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Tonight Show Information:

"After Hours"
Castle and Beckett must go on the run with a murder witness they're protecting from the mob.  

Here is Synopsis Feedback:

Castle and Beckett are meeting the parents tonight at 10|9c on ABC. Cross your fingers.

literally getting every question wrong on this castle learning

OMG. Love love looooooved that episode of Castle. - soulsinstarlight: The action, the banter, the comedy, the…

Boys, you must treat women as princesses, although they do not live in a castle.

Already seeing  spoilers on Tumblr. Curse you, Internet!!!!

Which is it meet the parents or after hours for trending 

"Someday my prince will come. Someday we'll meet again and away to his castle we'll go to be happy forever, I know" The new motto for my 20s

Oh no, 's mom and Beckett's dad are going to hook up. I'm calling it right now.

"Nun walks into a precinct, sounds like the Beginning if a bad joke"

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