Sunday, November 11, 2012

Synopsis Feedback: Revenge (Season 2, Episode 7)

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Tonight Show Information:

Mason looks deeper into Emily's background, which makes things difficult for her.

Here is Synopsis Feedback:

You guys, stop EVERYTHING. Victoria Grayson is wearing jeans!

Amanda and Emily are lesbians???  

Again this season I'm realizing that, while I like  and it's a good show, it's not something I HAVE to watch.

Nolan to Aiden: hurt her again and I swear you will pay!! 

Awwww. I love how Nolan is protective over Emily. 

Nolan just had a Chuck Bass moment. And I'm not just talking about the outfit. 

The Porters getting co-opting plot is about their father, not mother as I called. Still not taking my bet off  

When your mother puts you on record Daniel listen because we all know she means it !!!    

Well they really want to revamp Nolan… Start the season off boxing, now he's all broody and smashing things. Who is this man?

Brilliant marketing and social media activation by Target & Neiman Marcus promoting new holiday collection during 

"This one time at Revenge camp...." LMAO! Good one Nolan!

Emily is pissed! 

You've missed one thing that's been right under your nose. She's not Amanda Clarke..  

Victoria and Conrad are perfect for each other cuz they are both conniving 

Looks like Victoria Grayson got a new flat iron 

Hopefully a Xanax falls out of Emily's overly tight curls. 

I'm going to need a sedative to get through the rest of this episode OMG.... 

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