Monday, February 4, 2013

Synopsis Feedback: Castle (Season 5, Episode 13)

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Tonight Show Information:

After years of waiting, Beckett finally gets her chance to take down Senator William Bracken, the man responsible for her mother's murder.  Determined not to waste what might be her one and only shot at justice, she throws herself at the case-but Castle knows that there might be much greater forces at work, and that Beckett may not realize that she is in over her head until it is too late.

Here is Synopsis Feedback.

Castle is on tonight. Thank goodness! Woot! Supa excited, as always, cause I have no life of course.

Will Beckett finally get her revenge for her mother's death, or will her efforts be frustrated again?...  

'That's going to leave a nasty scar. Everytime you see it think of me".-Kate Beckett. .

Rutgers University just mentioned on Castle! I love when shows have episodes/scenes near me

is it a little weird that I'm excited that  mentioned a place right down the road from me


i just keep laughing at the scene in after storm where she hit bracken with the gun lol got to see the scar 

Senator Bracken will always be Noah/HRG to me! 

Can't unsee Jack Coleman playing the gay senator on . Makes watching him on  difficult.

Uh-huh. Bracken trying to look all innocent in his blue knitwear. Whatever.  

Castle you keep getting better and better.  is absolutely phenomenal. I had shivers all the way through

castle episodes that involve her mother's case>>>>>>>>>

Wow, Castle is really great at stating the obvious in this episode. 

Castle is the one of the best shows on tv. Love the characters

Sen. Braken is the target. CONUNDRUM TIME! WHAT WILL BECKETT DO?? Protect him half heartedly? HOPEFULLY! 

Now Becket has to protect that scum. What a shame. 

kate: is there anyone who wants to kill you? (best line the who night)

Dam Beckett, I wouldn't blame you for pulling the trigger, but just like me, we're just too pretty ...  

If you are not comfortable with my leading this investigation you're welcome to step outside and tell everyone why. 

Beckett - In my dreams, i'm the one pulling the trigger. DAMN RIGHT!! 

"Present company excluded, of course." lololololol I love this show.

we're up to five seasons now. can they maybe close up beckett's mother's case already? let's move on. 

Oh. My. Gosh. I'm going to need to call in sick tomorrow so I can watch Castle countless times bc of 's brilliance.

Stana just HAS to tweet whenever we're all freaking out over Castleo m g

ABC Monday is the best night of television!  and

... she better be reaching around that letter to light a candle. 

I cannot (and when I do not use a contraction it's serious) believe the signal on my TV is acting up, and  is on...who does that? Mo

, like , is best watched without multitasking.

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