Friday, February 1, 2013

Synopsis Feedback: Nikita (Season 3, Episode 9)

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Tonight show information:

Survival Instincts

Ray, a rouge agent, kidnaps his girlfriend Kate, so Ryan dispatches the team to rescue her. Nikita is confused when Michael sends Owen into the field with her instead of going himself. Meanwhile, Sean makes a decision about Alex.

Here is synopsis feedback on Nikita.

Well doesn't  look perfect in that outfit in the beginning of 3.09

 starts at a private art show. Don't mock the art. That's annoying and I don't even like Klimt that much.

Owen, me thinks you need to learn a little from Nikita before you go out on a mission like this. * face palm* 

"How's Owen doing?" "Like a puppy trying to catch a butterfly." Aww, 

"you wanna grab dinner sometime?" really Owen? 

"would it be insensitive if I give him the finger?" LOL but yes that would be Owen 

I love all of the cool gadgets that are shown on 

Sean! he and Micheal can talk Navy stuff. Then Alex shows up and things get weird. 

That guy who plays Jason was on the Mentalist and on Castle and now on ! 3 of my favorite shows! 

"Would it be insensitive if I give him the finger".... "I get to be his new chew toy".... Hahahaha Owen makes me laugh 

"Hello people magazine do I have a cover for you" LOL Birkhoff

"I never run from a fight in my life. - Until you left Division." OUCH!

Everybody who used to be in the field can't be anymore 

Right now I'm as annoyed as Alex that she can't go on this mission. Oh well by the end of the episode, please 

Michael, get a damn attitude adjustment. My gawd! 

"If he doesn't get off my case I'm taking his other hand" ~Owen.... What a character 

I hate the fact that Michael is not on the field with  

"Urg I can't look at another tree. This must be what squirrels feel like." Birkoff 

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