Friday, February 1, 2013

Tweet News: February 1, 2013

Good Afternoon, Cyber Zombies,

The Tweet News Headlines for February 1, 2013.

@USA Today
Ed Koch, mayor who became a symbol of New York City, dies of 88. (Grace's Side Note: Rest in Peace, Ed Koch!!!)

@The Washington Post
Can we condemn Cindy Adams?
Hillary Clinton bids farewell to State Department.

@NBC News
Envelope, please... Who will win Super Bowl XLVII?

@Reuters Top News
Assassination attempt in Armenia threatens stability.

@ABC News
U.S blocks deal between top beer distribution.

@The Atlantic Wire
Why Scott Brown's decision not to run in a special election is bad for GOP.

@New York Daily News
NYPD narcotics sergeant dies of heart attack during 'buy and burst' in Brooklyn.

@Heat & Heatworld
Video: Steven Tyler auditions on American Idol as his alter ego Pepper.

@Huffington Post
Adam Lambert honored with We Are Family Foundation's  Unity Award in New York.

@Fox News
A-Fraud? Drug guru reportedly treated Yankee Star Personality.

@RT America
Senator Melendez accused of soliciting underage prostitutes.

@Los Angeles Times
Energy Secretary Steven Chu to step down.

@New York Post
Man arrested at Newark airport with a load gun in his carry-on bag.

@The Associated Press
Civil Marriage debate heats up in Lebanon.

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