Monday, February 11, 2013

Synopsis Feedback: Castle (Season 5, Episode 14)

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Tonight Show Information:

Reality Star Stuck

As Beckett tries to solve the murder of a popular reality star, Castle tries to solve a mystery of his own - the case of what to get Beckett for Valentine's Day.

Here is synopsis feedback.

Beckett gift to Castle for Valentines Oh My God so sweet and romantic

"Did you get me a lightsaber for our first Valentine's Day?" -Kate Beckett, Castle :)

Does anybody else melt whenever  says “as you wish”? 

OMFG Espo talking french, he's so sexyyyyyyyyyyyyy 

Absolutely fantastic episode!!! Literally tears of joy! So many emotions going on right now! 

"the magic of valentines day is upon us... and then there was a murder."  


TMI, Ryan, TMI. But please  and Beckett feel free to discuss your sexual life anytime. Btw, I love details. 

I'm pretty sure "Mr. Monroe" plays the biggest tool in every show he does. 

Omg!!!  was soooo good!!I loved it!!The final scene was so cute! And becketts gift was just PERFECT!!!  is LOVE! My babies!!

And I absolutely love Gates!  does fangirl mode so well!

It's a real housewives smack down on  tonight 

 Gates never fails to make me smile! Love the way you portray the character!  

I could've been a princess, you'd be a king could've had a castle, and wore a ring but no, you let me go

Are lanie and espo getting back together?! 

 looking even sexier in this episode  well he just hot period

 Let's see if they'll accept an invitation to my interrogation party. 

How much longer can Castle and Beckett keep their relationship a secret from Gates? 

I'm loving all the Gates in this episode ! Was definitely having withdrawals !  

Hahahaha  is a self-proclaimed gift ninja hahaha

Who else just had that oh crap feeling with ?

...except you ninja-ed the gift into the wrong blazer! 

I literally can't stop grinning, this episode is fab so far! Nathan's dazed expression during his RHW marathon. Priceless. 

"I hate to interrupt your little love connection." Aww! 

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