Friday, February 8, 2013

Synopsis Feedback: Nikita (Season 3, Episode 10)

Hi my cyber zombies,

Welcome to Division!!!

Tonight show Information:

Brave New World

Michael give up his role as a field agent and resumes his role inside division running operations. After learning key information from Birkoff, Nikita preps a secret mission that takes her into dangerous territory. When Michael, Alex, and Ryan find out, they follow her into Kosovo but the outcome has far-reaching consequences for division.

Here is Synopsis Feedback.

 Nikita's Brave New World tonight! you should totally watch this brilliant TV show!!!!!

These girls can play dirty games just as the best villains! Nikita's Brave New World!!!    

New England, you're all inside right now because of the storm--I know it and even if you're drunk watch's amazing, I promise.

so what kind of procedure is Bierkoof thinking to save Michaels Hand?   

 is on!  be ready agents, we are going to suffer a little, I am sure!

Michael and Nikita lost my interest last season. They had me at the beginning of this season. Now I am bored again.  

 in which we learn cutting off your fiancé ‘a hand can seriously hurt your relationship

Why she always calling my dude Birkhoff a nerd? 

Michael and Nikita are so perfect together <3 a="" class="twitter-hashtag pretty-link js-nav" data-query-source="hashtag_click" dir="ltr" href="" nbsp="" style="color: #2784a3; text-decoration: none;">#Nikita

What I love about this show is that the Bad characters are literally pricks!!  haha

Nikita just thinks she can do it all. Too boasy man 
Exactly! She didn't expect his guards to be on point? “: Nikita just thinks she can do it all. Too boasy man

That awkward moment you got held hostage in Kosovo 

I love the disobeying Nikita! She is awesome! 

Ryan finally learned how to play them fools. 

Ooooo Ryan the new PERCY? I could entertain that a "little" .

Looks like  was right on the money. Percy's shady group is behind the tech. 

So can he really make another hand, or is he just telling her that? ?

Ryan is percy-ing so fast, someone needs to stop him. Even that crazy outfit is very Percy-esque. 

Feels like Nikita is kind of losing it.....  

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