Monday, May 20, 2013

Summer Synopsis Feedback: Motive (Season 1, Episode 1)

Hi Cyber Zombies,

Welcome to Vancouver,Canada!!!

The Creeping Tom

When a well-liked, karaoke-singing high school science teacher is found murdered in his bedroom, a home invasion gone wrong doesn't feel like the right motive to Detectives Flynn and Vega.

Here is Synopsis Feedback.

Weird that today 5 years ago I died on NCIS and tonight premieres on ABC. Dr. Betty comes alive. I'm a Phoenix!

I'm watching ! Hoping it'll help get me through the hiatus!

Finally ur season premiere is in the US!!RT : Here we go...

Why are they killin Joey from nkotb I'm gonna cry

Had to turn off my ratchet TV. is on ABC right now. New murder mystery series... right up my alley.

Angie: "It's alright, I got a way with animals..." Oscar: "I thought you had a way with men??" LOL! Ohh god! ;)

"Nothing days Friday night like a homicide."

, , & are all gone till next season so maybe will be okay . .

Hawaii 5-0 & new show looks pretty good tonight.

Is that Joey from NKOTB on the new ABC show Motive? Well Damn you got my attention.

I'm incredibly impressed with so far! Stylistically, it's impeccable...I'm in awe!

I feel like I've found my next favorite show. So fantastically frustrating to see the killer and watch the detectives search

This is basically Without A Trace but with murder rather than missing persons.

Watching . Look.... enough of us have seen these cop shows that everyone should know NOT to touch a bloody body no matter what.

Loving so far, very different from your usual crime shows!! Amazing plot, will be tuning regularly!

loving but I still think your work on Picket fences was my fav character but this one I think is better then NCIS

Thought for sure my summer would bite, but didn't let a girl down. just started & I'm already loving the summer line up!

RT Watching Look enough of us have seen these cop shows that everyone should know NOT to touch a bloody body no matter what

Hit up every girl in the same group of friends and they're bound to find out. Vernon Wells

The way is filmed is fabulous! It's putting me on edge. YES

. . What a dumbass. You throw things in the river. Your fingerprints are all over it. Luv it.

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