Thursday, May 23, 2013

Summer Synopsis Feedback: Motive (Season 1, Episode 2)

Hi my Cyber Zombies,

Welcome to Vancouver, Canada!!!

Tonight Show Information:

Crimes of Passion

Detectives Flynn and Vega investigate a hit-and-run accident that resulted in the death of teenage girl.

Here is the Synopsis Feedback.

I can already tell the is going to be one of the best shows of the summer!!!

So is the premiere at 9? I thought the premiere was on Monday? Isn't it the second episode tonight? I'm confused!!!

Getting ready to watch the new show Its the producers of Dexter! So this better be good tonight or I will be disappointed

Lol "Nothing says 'Friday night' like a homicide." For some reason, I think about Kate Beckett from "Castle" when she say that.

Really like how we already know who did it. It's different than other procedurals also I like the lead detective character

Checking out this new show on . Probably can't take the place of Scandal, but looks ok so far...

Oscar: "I have friends in forensics..." Angie: "I have friends in forensics too!" Oscar: "They like me more." LOL! These two!

"Tiffany ain't dead she can't be" ~the ex bf cause he isn't the killer the guy who she babysits for is!

New show on ABC already has my mind hooked. ... I guess this will carry me through off season.

She must've seen something that she wasn't supposed 2 see on that laptop and I have reason 2 believe it had 2 do with the husband.

Well now I see why he killed Tiffany. I love the concept of this show. Only episode 2 and its a hit in my book.

: Sorry, ...I tried.” I agree. I was excited but lost interest really quickly. It's not a unique concept. Done.

Well my GF just solved way too early for me, I just know it!!

What's up with being on twice this week??? And not as a re-air: with a different episode?! Thanks ABC, now I'm missing it.
Tiffany was pretty smart to send that to her boyfriend

I'm feeling this new show . It taps into my legal instincts.

I bet Jacobs is going to go after the boyfriend to make sure Tiffany didn't say something to him

The new show is good! Now I got back to backs on thurs nights!

OMG, did she just shut the door in his face at his house? I don't like her, but I like her style.

Come on, Kevin. I need for you to start talking!

Dang! The victims ex boyfriend will take money over her murder! He didn't love her.

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