Friday, May 17, 2013

Synopsis Feedback: Nikita (Season 3 Finale, Episode 22)

Hi My Cyber Zombies,

Welcome to Division!!!

Tonight Show Information:

Til Death Do Us Part

Nikita is forced by Amanda to choose between saving her own life or saving Michael.

Here is Synopsis Feedback.

Thank you for ALL the support this season. I know the NIKITA family hopes tonight will affect you. Have a good one!!

I am totally going to cry during Nikita Season Finale

is about to come on. have my cotton Candy, and Bubble gum soda..This would be the perfect night if this was not the last episode...

The season finale. Won't be back until midseason. Season 4 will be the final season.

Amanda is the most evil brilliant villain tho

all she can do is hear & those around her every words, but she can't see. nikita should have written it down what amanda did to her.

Will the season finale do what #24 could not and kill a sitting president? Exciting.

Alex has this look. Alex. Stay safe. That's all I ask.

Nikita "Michael if you wanna save me save yourself" Nikita Season Finale

Mikita kiss, OMG, I'm crying already, Nikita Season Finale , you're breaking me

"Michael, if you want to save me, save yourself." Love it!

I just get the feeling that Nikita is not going to have a happy ending. Like Birkhoff is going to go deranged and everyone is going to die.

I have such a bad feeling about this. I can feel someone is going to die...

Oh no! The doctor's dead! Nikita Season Finale

"Single shot to the head, make it count." Socorro!

I did not see that coming. Damn! Amanda makes me sick.

Wow! Nikita is in serious trouble. What a shocker!

Alex "Welcome to Division" Nikita Season Finale

Amanda, don't you think this is becoming a little over the top?

Amanda wants to kill everyone at Division! Why is this woman so prepared?!

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