Monday, May 6, 2013

Synopsis Feedback: Castle (Season 5, Episode 23)

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Welcome to New York CIty!!!

Tonight show information:

Mystery surrounds the death of a whistleblower who was killed in a percision military strike.

Here is Synopsis Feedback.

Why are federal agents taking over?

*WATERSHED PROMO SPOILER* without me.. Castle don't worry Beckett is not leaving okay?

I don't know what's more awesome... answering Beckett's phone, or Beckett asking him to.

Well He's a bucket full of sunshine. Not really Homey

On ABC's Castle - When a government whistleblower is murdered, Homeland Security tries to take over the case. hmmmmm...

See Kate this is why you need a hacker on your team.

whoa! the dead guy was killed by a drone in the middle of some street in the us! 0_0 and castle looks a little too amused :D

Oh my!!! It just got more interesting!! is killed by on episode tonight! Sounding more & more like our reality

: The beginning of this episode has put my mind so far in the gutter I can't. THANKS STANA. ” too far to recover.

So everything is classified? What about the Freedom of Information Act?

yes we got on got guy but for how long will be there be for kate get the call that her team is off the case

the U.S. millitary wow didnt see this coming

No way a "secret" agent gives up information to a cop, let alone a complete civilian.

feels like a surreal ripped from the news about drones over America! Does Dick Wolf know about this?

proving that drones can be hacked into and kill people by crazies!

doing an episode on a hacked drone. May just be TV, but it's a valid issue that needs to be discussed more. Digital Wars

tonight's Castle on ABC, drone takes out whistleblower US citizen; Feds say it was hackers; normalizing the masses

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