Friday, May 10, 2013

Synopsis Feedback: Nikita (Season 3, Episode 22)

Hi Cyber Zombies,

Welcome to Division!!!

Tonight Show Information:

Invisible Hands

Nikita and Michael attempt to find away to destroy Amanda once and for all. Meanwhile, Alex  considers an offer she can't refuse.

Here is Synopsis Feedback.

Nikita Finale Countdown because my life would not be the same without on my tv screen(crossing fingers Owen doesnt die!)

why is Nikki pointing a gun to Michael? OMG this can't be good... Nikita Finale Countdown

you're such an amazing actor. I'm about to watch Nikita this summer solely for the reason that you're in it.

Whoa!! Self driving car! That's never happened in this show!! And Nikita never looked this scared

Too many ppl get shot in the head because of . Sad.

"We gave everyone in here a shot at a new life." "Except for us." Nooooo.

Aww michael just wants a normal life.. & isn't gonna stop wt her missions??

S.H.I.E.L.D fans, universe already called dibs on "agents" so y'all better figure something out

LOL Birkhoff, poor guy wants out. Michael's face, he doesn't believe a thing Nikita's saying anymore at this point. Can't blame him.

That lady is basically telling Alex's story. Omfg! Cries cries cries!

because Birkhoff needs time to move all his technology out of Division :)

Hasan's organization is exactly the sort of thing Alex needs to get involved with.

"To me, Alexandra Udinov has always been a cover. A bad cliche." "Alexandra's not a cover. She's YOU." Can I hug ?

OMG DID MICHAEL REALLY HAVE TO GET SHOT AGAIN?? GRRRR! nikita, do you even care about michael?? jeez woman! =_=

I kind of miss when each show was based around sabotaging one mission. Slow progress.

Man Sonya cant fight she just sits at the computer

Birkhoff and sonya are perfect they hack together,play doctor together

Too much to handle. Too much awesomeness. Seriously I drink a gin right now. I am becoming a drunkard. Thanks to Nikita writers.

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