Monday, May 13, 2013

Synopsis Feedback: Castle (Season 5 Finale, Episode 24)

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Welcome to New York City!!!

Tonight Season 5 Finale Information:


Beckett start seriously considering her job offer, which lead her to start questioning her career and her relationship with Castle. Meanwhile, the 12th Precinct investigate the death of an unlikely victim in an unlikely crime scene.

Here is Synopsis Feedback.

Well fans at least we are going into this one knowing next season is definite! THE SEASON FINALE "Watershed" starts RIGHT NOW ON ABC

Sorry , wins my affections. I mean, attention.

That's like a creepy rendition of Psycho... HOW ODDD

If Beckett takes the DC job I'm gonna be PISSED

I swear Becket was trying not to laugh at the agents lipstick. LOL

Castle never records. It's really sad, actually cause I have really wanted to see the past 3 episodes. Apparently they were amazing.

Haw can this be the end for the summer?? Caskett - how will we manage??

Heh. "Would it kill you to name someone Gonzales once in a while?"

Kate's already lied to him twice about dc! She needs to tell him ASAP!

I guess we will see. Maybe move them to DC together. Change of scenery.

aww castle is afraid to let alexis go to costa rica because of paris. aww castle, you're too sweet, but an overprotective dad :')

"MY PHONE MUST HAVE BEEN OFF." Stop lying Beckett. You were in DC.

"If she was a prostitute, she wasn't really good at it"

season finale, popcorn chocolate chip cookies, and chocolate covered strawberries with !

This whole "you deserve to be a Fed" stuff seems very sudden to me.

Kate's leaving NYPD to go to the FBI?! What will next season be like?!
"We're in this relationship and we never talk about where this is going." - Beckett
Always fun to watch a TV show and see IP addresses line 259.268.x.x.

If you knock on the door and they don't answer, there's a very good chance they're dead.

Lol "I think our plot just thicken." - Rick has the best timing. :)

Beckett working for the AG/FBI would give her more power/leverage to go after the Senator who killed her mother.

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