Thursday, May 2, 2013

Tweet News: May 2. 2013

Hi My Cyber Zombies,

Tweet News has returned. The Tweet News Headlines for May 2, 2013.

@Reuters Top News
US jobless claims fell last week to 324,000.

@New York Post
City Councilman Dan Halloran is pulling out to clear his scandal-spattered name.

@Unreality TV
American Idol: Fans launch new Benlam Magazine dedicated Adam Lambert. (Grace's Side Note: Congratulation Bedlam on your first issue.)

@Huffington Post
Beyonce's reported tour demands include $900 titanium straws and red toilet paper.

@ABC World News
North Korea sentence US Citizen for 15 years of hard labor.
Writer proves you can survive without the internet for a year.

City Bike to fat people: Drop Dead.

@Soap Oprea Digest
Update: Y&R Jeanne Copper back in hospital.

@CBS This Morning
Will National Security cost you your privacy?

@CNN Money
15 year Mortgage rate hit record low.

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