Wednesday, October 5, 2011

Breaking News!!! Twitter Feedback: Apple CEO Steve Jobs

Hi My Zombie Readers,

Apple Founder and CEO Steve Job passed away today. Rest in Peace Steve!! You will be greatly miss. Here is twitter feedback about Steve Jobs.

 Nick Lachey 

Best wishes to the family of . What an amazing man and amazing life! Certainly, his legacy will be with us all forever. .

 dave holmes 
 by Shadow_505

In his final act of benevolent genius, Steve Jobs overshadows Sarah Palin. Rest in peace, you fucking stud.

 Ryan Seacrest 

"Have the courage to follow ur heart & intuition. They already know what u truly want to become. Everything else is secondary." - Steve Jobs


I think we should do a vigil at every Apple store but instead of candles, we will use our iPods and iPhones. RIP Steve Jobs.

 Michael Strahan 

RIP Steve Jobs

 Steven Fudd 

RIP Steve Jobs

 Arianna Huffington 

Rest In Peace, Steve Jobs... 

 Kelly Ripa 

Such sad news. 


Jobs set a standard for innovation that will continue to inspire countless entrepreneurs around the world, including us at Kiva. 

 by PaulMakesMovies
Our parents had JFK, we had Steve Jobs. Edison gave us electricity, Jobs gave us the Jetsons in real life. We lost an icon today. Mourn him.

 Paul Osborne 

Holy crap - poor Steve Jobs!! You know when people mourn a CEO that he did something really right. RIP.


Our thoughts, prayers and deepest condolences go out the family of Apple Inc. founder, Steve Jobs.


We met Steve Jobs while he was at NeXT. I was awed by hearing his COMPUTER play a terrifyingly lifelike guitar recording. Bye, great mind.

 Cynthia McFadden 

RIP Steve Jobs RT “: "I want to put a ding in the universe." --#SteveJobs. Fair to say the universe has been good and dinged.”

 frank grillo 

 thanks for making it all a lot more interesting.

 Mike Bloomberg 

Steve Jobs was a genius who will be remembered with Edison and Einstein. His ideas will shape the world for generations 

 Janell Snowden 

"...About half of what separates the successful entrepreneurs from the non-successful ones is pure perseverance." - bs

 Chris Daughtry 

Very sorry to hear Steve Jobs passed. He changed the world

 Jeff Probst 

Goodbye steve jobs. 
 Jason Thompson 

Mr Jobs. You changed the world. With mad respect..I have a feeling you'll be the 1st to figure out how to communicate from where you are.

 ashton kutcher 

Sending love & light to everyone  & the entire Jobs family.Today we lost a Giant who will be missed even by those who didn't know him.

 Alan Greene 
 by HDonoho
"Death is very likely the best invention of life...things just fall away in the face of death, leaving only what is truly important." Jobs

 Drew Carey 

Very sad. RIP Steve Jobs.

 Ann Curry 

There may be no greater tribute to Steve's success than the fact that much of the world learned of his passing on a device he invented-Obama

 Melissa Joan Hart 

RIP Steve Jobs!! Thank you for sharing your genius with the world and being a revolutionary! Our lives are forever changed thanks to you!!

 Miles Tougeaux 

I have no doubt Steve Jobs shut down elegantly. And its highly probable that along the way he thought up a better way to do it.


Steve Jobs' passing makes me keenly aware of how much we need the visionaries, artists, trailblazers.

 Nia Vardalos 

Steve Jobs linked many lives in his short 56 years, and changed the way we live in our world. RIP.

 Michael Moore 

“Have the courage to follow your heart & intuition. They already know what you truly want 2 become. Everything else is secondary.”-SteveJobs

 Gordon Ramsay 

It would be a honour ! God bless that amazing man: could you make an apple pie in honour of Steve Jobs?


Night. Sad.  death feels personal :(

 Bette Midler 

I am heartbroken to learn of the passing of Steve Jobs, an extraordinary American and absolutely irreplaceable. He never let us down..

 Joe Zee 

 for showing us anything is possible; dreams are attainable; how to take risks to succeed; and for being my hero. 

 Nigel Lythgoe 
So sad to lose a true pioneer and genius. When we talk about people who changed the World, ' name will be high on the list.

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