Saturday, October 29, 2011

Twitter Feedback: On Myspace

Hi My Zombie Readers,

Some people on twitter said that MySpace is a virtual ghost town because everyone on twitter, facebook, or both. Some people are remembering the good times on myspace. Here is twitter feedback on Myspace.

 , i wish myspace was still cool period.

 I would throw up the peace sign in like all my pictures LMAO

 I would throw up the peace sign in like all my pictures LMAO

 Chocolate Iron Man 
I was always editing my background .

 Ma-REE-uh PEE-ne-DUH 
 I always had the best songs on my page, I had the "you never heard it until now" joints

 Dominique hodge 
I don't even remember my password  or my email

 . skittleheadRican  
 , being on somebody "top friends" meant "important person" lol . 

 Chocolate Iron Man 
On Facebook its all about picture like, but  its all about pic comments.

 ★мя.вαикѕ тєєи¢єℓєв☆ 
• I was more popular  than twitter or facebook.

 Deanna Braun 
we all used to spend hours  making sure it looked perfect

 Silky Santana 
I'm still  :) I love all social networks and they all have a different purpose

 . skittleheadRican  
 MY page was like bangin'!!! EVERYBODY wanted me to do theirs! It took me bout 5 hours!!

 T R O N E C I A . ♥ 
 I Changed my layout like Every Day !

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