Tuesday, October 18, 2011

The X Factor (Season 1): Judges House #3: The Top 16 Revealed

Welcome to the X Factor Zone!!! The Top 32 acts are done singing. Now each judges are going to sent four acts home and other four acts are going to the live shows.

Simon (Girls-Top 4 plus one extra)
Location: Paris, France
Simone Battle 
Drew R.
Tiah Tolliver
Rachel Crow
Melanie Amero

Going home:
Tora Woloshin
Jazzlyn Little
Calitin Koch

Nicole (Over 30s-Top 4)
Location: Malibu, California
Josh Krajick
Dexter Haygood
Leroy Bell
Stacey Francis

Going home:
Christa Collins
James Kenney
Tiger Budbill
Elaine Gibbs

Paula (Groups-Top 4)
Location: Santa Barbara, California
The Brewer Boys
Ladoka Rayne
The Stereo Hogzz

Going Home:
Illusion Confusion
The Anser

LA Reid (Boys-Top 4)
Location: Hampton, New York
Brain Bradley
Phillip Lomax
Chris Rene
Marcus Canty

Going Home:
Nick Voss
Skyelor Anderson
Brennin Hunt
Tim Cifers

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