Saturday, October 15, 2011

Twitter Feedback: Reclaim Your TV

Hi My Zombie Readers,

Karmalop TV is a new cable network that started on Television. Reclaim Your TV was a promotion and trending topic on twitter on Sunday September 25, 2011.  Here is twitter feedback on reclaim your tv.



 R, Mark Sink 

 Trash it..and open your mind

 Kindra Franzen 

 It's so good, it's worthy of a tweet. 


how do you 

 Alex Mac 

 and stop watching Jersey Shore

 Felicia van Leur 

I am going to  by stealing my dads remote. Yes!

 ABERROU Ghalia 

 to STOP insulting me.

 im a puppy, WOOF. 

 even if you Participated in the National Day Of Play, Hosted by Nickelodeon.

 Wes Sekelsky 

When your watching tv and the tv stops, turn on the light snd shoot the black guy stealing it 

 Shacara Anderson 

 wtf? Lol

 Lily Ann Burnham 

 why did some one take it? ;)

 kaisean roseboro 
 I'm digging' the Obey Leather Jacket. I may bcop it when I have the chance 

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