Sunday, October 23, 2011

Twitter Feedback: ABC's Once Upon a Time

Hi My Zombie Readers,

Welcome to Storybrooke on Once Upon a Time!!! Today is the series premiere of Once Upon a Time.

Tonight Espoide:

Brace yourself for a modern fairytale with thrilling twists and hints of darkness, brimming with wonder and filled with the magic of our most beloved stories.

Here is twitter feedback on Once Upon a Time.

 Adam Horowitz 

All right, East Coast. Here we go, hope all of you who decide to check out  enjoy it as much as we enjoyed bringing it to ya.

 Chessa Caparros 

 series premiere!!!!!! I'm so happy this is amazing


As someone who loves fairytales I am so stoked to finally watch !

 Amari Shadows 

Oh wait I MAY actually like this. Snow White has balls. 


Is it wrong that i admire the evil queen... ;D 


well this is depressing. she's lighting a candle in a cupcake for herself for her birthday that she's spending alone.

 Mythic Scribes 

So far  has a very  feel to it. That's a good thing. :-)


My fav thing about  is the A+ casting of Jennifer Morrison and Ginnifer Goodwin. Figuring out why is easy enough. Spoilers?

 Andrew Briedis 

"She poisoned an apple because I was prettier than her. You have no idea what she's capable of."  

 Zoey Talbon 

GOD, Rumpelstiltskin, could be any more psycho? 

 D. St Laurent 

 is the fairy tales your parents didn't tell you about.. real life! I love it


 is officially my new fave movie :D aha I love it! <3

 Prince Charming 

"We need to take the Queen out before she unleashes her curse" 

 Sean Livingston 

"How would you like a glass of the best apple cider ever tasted?" Oh, boy. Don't walk into that one. :-P 

 ✔Verified Thickness 

 slightly reminds me of The 10th Kingdom, with all the fairytale characters


I wasn't gonna watch  so I missed the first half. Now I'm sorry , it looks good!


 is my new fave Sunday night show

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