Friday, October 28, 2011

Twitter Feedback: You Can't Have Swag

Hi My Zombie Readers,

You can't have swag is trending topic on twitter. One person on twitter called "you can't have swag" is  the wackiest trending topics ever. Here is twitter feedback on You Can't have Swag

 Ha ha ha! 
 if u yell out swag all day for no reason, that's just lame and a little weird.

 Coco McPuffington 
 If Your Afraid To Wear What You Want All Because Of What People Would Think Or Say About You..

 Jerome McCreary 
 <--- wackest TT ever.

 buying followers

 ♥ Daniela ♔ 
 if you don't like Justin Bieber...sorry, it's just the way life works! ;D

 Stevie Johnson 
Remember  Trying to be Somebody else... Be Yourself and Create Your Own Swag! 

 if you have to remind everyone that you have it constantly.

 Phil Mills 
 if your Twitter avatar is taken with the aid of a bathroom mirror. 

 is the top TT. "Swag" is the most horrid word I've ever heard.

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