Tuesday, October 4, 2011

Dancing with the Stars Season 13-Week 3 Result

Today is Result Night on Dancing with the Stars. Tom and Brooke will announce on which dance couple is going home tonight. Estelle and Mary J. Blige is going sing tonight. Len is going to dance in Macy's Stars of Dance routine.

Mary J.Blige kicked off result show with her smashing hit song Real Love.

First Set: Chaz & Lacey, Ricki & Derek, and JR & Karina

Safe: JR & Karina, Ricki & Derek, and Chaz & Bono.

Encore Performance: Chynna & Tony

They are showed Nancy & Tristan, Hope & Maks, Carson & Anna, and Rob & Cheryl dance peformance.

Second Set: Nancy & Tristan, Hope & Maks, Carson & Anna, and Rob & Cheryl.

Safe: Rob & Cheryl, and Nancy & Tristan

DWTS Dance Troupe was dancing to Gone with The Wind soundtrack.

Macy's Stars of Dance: Estelle is singing the Twist and then she announced the legendary Cubby Checker to the stage. Len was dancing the twist with Cubby Checker.

Mary J. Blige sang "25/8" from her upcoming album "My Life II-The Journey Continues". The album comes out on November 21, 2011.

Third Set: Chynna & Tony, David & Kym, and Kristan & Mark.

Safe: Chynna & Tony, and David & Kym.

In Jeopardy(The Bottom 3):
Carson & Anna
Hope & Maks
Kristin & Mark

On the side, Len is pissed off with the result and he want Kristin & Mark to be in the finale. I see Dancing with the Stars boycott coming because it was too early in the competition to sent a frontrunner home.

Going Home: Kristan & Mark

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