Monday, October 10, 2011

Dancing with the Stars Season 13 (Week 4): Movie Soundtrack

Last week, we said goodbye to Kristin & Mark on Dancing with the Stars. Len was pissed off with the result that didn't want see Kristin & Mark, and Hope & Maks in the bottom two. He was hoping to see them in the season finale. There are nine dance couples left in the competition. We are getting to close half  mark in the competition, dance couples need to up their game if they want to make it in the show finale.  This week theme is movies score night. Special Appearance by Cher & Richard Simmons

Dancing Recap-10/3/11
Rob & Cheryl (Foxtrot) Score: 24
Chynna & Tony (Rumba) Score: 26
Chaz & Lacey (Rumba) Score: 18
Kristin & Mark (Samba) Score: 24
Carson & Anna (Tango) Score: 23
JR & Karina (Rumba) Score: 26
Nancy & Tristan (Waltz) Score: 21
Ricki & Derek (Rumba) Score: 27
Hope & Maks (Cha-Cha-Cha) Score: 24
David & Kym (Rumba) Score: 24

The following dances are :

Chynna & Tony (Tango)
Movie: Mission Impossible
Text: 3404
Carrie Ann: 7
Len: 7
Bruno: 7
Score: 21

David & Kym (Paso Doble)
Movie: Raiders of the Lost Ark
Text: 3406
Carrie Ann: 8
Len: 7
Bruno: 8
Score: 23

Carson & Anna (Viennese Waltz)
Movie: Pirates of Caribbean: Cruse of Black Pearl
Text: 3409
Carrie Ann: 7
Len: 6
Bruno: 7
Score: 20

Nancy & Tristan (Paso Doble)
Movie: Flash Gordon
Text: 3405
Carrie Ann: 7
Len: 7
Bruno: 7
Score: 21

Hope & Maks (Foxtrot)
Movie: Toy Story
Text: 3408
Carrie Ann: 8
Len: 8
Bruno: 8
Score: 24

Rob & Cheryl (Paso Doble)
Movie: Superman
Text: 3402
Carrie Ann: 8
Len: 8
Bruno: 8
Score:  24

Ricki & Derek (Tango)
Movie: Psycho
Text: 3411
Carrie Ann: 10
Len: 9
Bruno: 10
Score: 29

Chaz & Lacey (Paso Doble)
Movie: Rocky
Text: 3412
Carrie Ann: 7
Bruno: 7
Score: 21

JR & Karina (Foxtrot)
Movie: The Pink Panther
Text: 3410
Carrie Ann: 8
Len: 9
Bruno: 9
Score: 26

On this side:
Tony hurt his ankle during rehearsal with Chynna.

David & Kym got a standing ovation from the audience.

Flash Gordon is another favorite movie of mine. Len didn't like Nancy & Tristan performance. Carrie Ann want Nancy to connect more to the audience.

Carrie Ann said wow to Ricki & Derek's Tango. Len want more neck action from Ricki. Bruno called Ricki & Derek "The Master of the Tango".

Carson & Anna is in bottom of the Leader board.

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