Wednesday, October 19, 2011

Twitter Feedback: Things We All Hate

Hi My Zombie Readers,

People on twitter are tweeting their things that we all hate. Here is twitter feedback on things we all hate.

 Shay :) 
 140 character limit

 ✔Verified Fresh 
 smart phones batteries. They die way to quick

 Katie Price 
 people who start all their tweets with 'RT if...'

 Megan Materna 
 when you get a text from someone thinking it's from somebody you really wanna talk to, and it's someone else

 needle/immunization day at public/middle school... Holy I cried every time that happened

 Ryan Jones 
 waking up and seeing your phone charger isn't plugged into your wall and your phone is about to die

 Inde'a x UNi'kolé! 
 being compared to other people

 perla morales 
: security guards that think they’re CIA. No. you, are security. Sit down and ride in your cart.

 Brittany Zepernick 
Having too much to do, & never enough time to do it .

 Kaitlyn Buis 
 writing papers... people  do this for me?

 Why You Foulin Me??? 
 being stereotyped by someone who knows nothing about you.

a waiter or waitress messing up an order 

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