Monday, October 3, 2011

Dancing with the Stars 13 (Week 3) - Latin Dance/One Unlearned Dance

Last week, we said goodbye to Elisabetta and Val on Dancing with the Stars. Val is second newest pro dancer to going home in the competition. There are ten dance couples left in the competition. This week theme is favorite year of their life.

Dancing Recap-9/26/11
Hope & Maks (Jive) Score: 19
Kristin & Mark (Quickstep) Score: 22
David & Kym (Jive) Score: 18
Elisabetta & Val (Quickstep) Score: 21
Rob & Cheryl (Jive) Score: 21
Carson & Anna (Quickstep) Score:18
Ricki & Derek (Jive) Score: 23
Chaz & Lacey (Quickstep) Score:17
Chynna & Tony (Jive) Score: 21
Nancy & Tristan (Quickstep) Score: 21
JR & Karina (Jive) Score: 22

The following dances are:

Rob & Cheryl (Foxtrot)
Text: 3402
Carrie Ann: 8
Len: 8
Score: 24

Chynna & Tony (Rumba)
Text: 3404
Carrie Ann: 8
Len: 9

Chaz & Lacey (Rumba)
Text: 3412
Carrie Ann: 6
Len: 6
Bruno: 6

Kristin & Mark (Samba)
Text: 3403
Carrie Ann: 8
Len: 8
Bruno: 8
Score: 24

Carson & Anna (Tango)
Text: 3409
Carrie Ann: 8
Len: 7
Score: 23

JR & Karina (Rumba)
Text: 3410
Carrie Ann:9
Len: 8
Score: 26

Nancy & Tristin (Waltz)
Text: 3405
Carrie Ann: 7
Len: 7
Bruno: 7
Score: 21

Ricki & Derek (Rumba)
Text: 3411
Carrie Ann: 9
Score: 27

Hope & Maks (Cha-Cha-Cha)
Carrie Ann:8
Len: 8
Score: 24

David & Kym (Rumba)
Text: 3406
Carrie Ann: 8
Len: 8
Bruno: 8
Score: 24

On the Side Note:
Len loved Rob's footwork in the Foxtrot. Bruno said his dance remembered him of Guys and Dolls. Rob dedicated his dance to his father.

Bruno, Carrie, and Len are impressed with Chyanna dancing.

This week, Kristin is channeling her inner Beyonnce in the Samba with Mark. Bruno called Kristin a "Devil's Woman".

Len said that Carson & Anna attacked the dance with style.

JR & Karina are dediciated their Rumba to the man and woman who don't come home from war . The Audience gave a standing ovation to JR and Karina.

Chaz & Lacey are the bottom of the leader board for the second time in the round.

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